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.. in these few lines I’d like to linger for a moment in the nearby surroundings of our home. Umbria and Tuscany at large won’t be discussed; for this there exist volumes upon volumes already. There are tremendous things and people within the range of only a few kilometres. Friends that live and produce on a farm removed from unhealthy living, friends that for the last twenty years have chosen Umbria as their home and their life together, coming from Germany, Swiss, England with stories, histories, and a fervent desire to live on this land. We gladly pass on these precious contacts to individuals in search of artisanal products – both crafts and foods – a ride on horseback (also available to disabled individuals), or a course in craftsmanship. I myself have a completely functioning workshop and am glad to provide lessons on carpentry and repair work.


The nearby thermal baths of San Casciano dei Bagni offer entrance to a world apart. Magnificent. Immersed in a spectacularly verdant area, free both in spirit and payment. Going their on a cold winter’s night, immerging yourself in the 39 degree waters, is a regenerating, communal, and invigorating experience. Etruscans and Romans keep you company.. The Devil’s Dens, natural grottoes dating back to prehistoric times, only now accessible thanks to a local cooperative which also manages a modest but interesting museum, and offers its knowledge in guiding small groups through the Dens. There are two courses, one for families, another more demanding which includes sections of rope and hook work.


In short, there is always something to do in the area, be it under the heading of nature, gastronomy, history, modern or ancient art. There are concerts, theatres….

1. Visit Città della Pieve


During your stay we strongly raccomendly to visit all the corner of our beautiful village 2 kilometres far from us.

By car you can explore some other very nice village like Panicale, Castiglione del Lago, Chiusi, Cetona, Montepulciano, Pienza, and around there are also some art cities as Orvieto, Assisi, Perugia, Siena. Roma and Firenze by a one-day-trip.

2. Fresh pasta course

We would invite you to have dinner, having "tagliatelle pasta cook course". We will make pasta with the fresh product that we will pick in our land and have the dinner all togheter (20 euro each). Sometimes is possible to make the bread and pizzas by the acid dough-paste and we can organize courses in farm, by asking before arrive, of carpentry-restoring; beekeeping; sheep milk workmanship producing yogurt, cheese, butter, ricotta; Italian language and basic children courses of terracotta-pottery.

3. Horseriding


In the nearness horseriding, horse courses and horse-therapy for special/particulars abilities in the Great Horse Spirit centre with the love of our friend Ina.

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